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A video archive of the play will be available on this webpage following the play

Dr. Law and Dr. Grace is a riveting, live adaptation from the famous poem. Join us as the ETMT youth group brings to life the tale of everyone's struggle to find satisfaction inside. Can the patient find his way to peace? Is there hope for all of us to find that something we have been searching for?

There is something for every walk of life, age, colour, race, or creed in this drama/comedy! Join us as we bring to life the questions and desires everyone has in common!

I’ve tried my best to run the race,
But darkness was all that I saw,
The world led me a merry chase
And I ran from Dr. Law.
Religion failed to meet my need,
My life was just one black lie.
Sin caused my heart to daily bleed,
Dr. Law said, “You must die.”

The flesh cried for another way.
Dr. Law said, “There is none.”
The world said, “You’ll see a better day.”
Old Dr. Law said, “You’re done,”

To medicine I went ‘til my money I spent,
The psychiatrist even examined my head.
But I would not repent neither relent
And again Dr. Law said, “You’re dead.”

I became weary and walked in despair
Even though I tried to do my part.
The darkness of night was everywhere,
Dr. Law said, “You need a new heart”
I replied, “It’s my feet that lead me astray,
My hands make me do what I do,”
After Dr. Law let me have my say,
He replied, “Without a new heart, you’re through.”
But I trudged on down the rebellious road,
I thought I needed reformation.
Heavier daily became my load,
Again Dr. Law said, “A major operation.”
My heart would not do - I knew this was true,
It was plain I had lost the race.
Dr. Law said, “It’s sin, you’ll never win
Until you go to Dr. Grace.”
So I counted the cost if my soul should be lost,
My soul cried, “What must be done?”
There stood Dr. Grace with a smile on his face
Saying, “It’s not DO - it’s DONE.”
For Christ on the cross suffered our loss
Saying, “Come through Me, I am the Door.”
I cried with loud voice, “I make Thee my choice”
He said, “Go and sin no more.”
So I praise His sweet Name - He took all my blame,
For of sin there’s not left even a trace
Since that day I saw blessed Dr. Law
And he led me to Dr. Grace.
So the war is over - Now I’m walking in clover
Honeydew is all over my soul
He lifted my load I’m on the glory road
Since Dr. Law and Dr. Grace made me whole.
So sinner, please bow — come to Jesus now -
He’ll save you from hell.
He’ll take your case and even your place
Saying, “Now all is well!”

(Poem by Lester Roloff)

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