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Bro Harold Hildebrandt Memorial Page


On Wednesday April 27th, it pleased the Lord to take our dear Pastor, Harold Hildebrandt home to his eternal resting place.


He had lived 80 full years, serving God faithfully as a spiritual father to many, first as a pastor and also as a missionary, where he traveled around the world proclaiming God's end time message. He was a gallant soldier of the cross, a warrior who left his mark and inspired many. He will be missed but not forgotten.

He passed away at home, close to his loving wife Lee-Ann and children Melody and Joel. The sun was shining into the room and the atmosphere was peaceful as God chose this moment and season to take his servant home. He was predeceased by his wonderful wife Marlene, and he is survived by his two daughters Debbie and Wendy and their families. Please remember the family in prayer.


A memorial service is planned for 11 am on Saturday, May 7th at the Tabernacle. Bro. Tim Pruitt will be the officiating minister.  

Condolences, testimonies, and thoughts are shared below.

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