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Uganda & Ethiopia 2020

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

From Friday, December 27th to Monday, December 30th, we had the privilege of ministering at the annual youth convention in Kampala, Uganda. There were six meetings held from Friday until Monday, directed toward the youth of eastern Africa.

On the Saturday and Sunday meetings there was approximately 250-300 youth in attendance. We began each day at 5a.m. with 'Morning Glory', a time of worship, prayer, and devotion. Saturday and Sunday held two services with each breaking only for meals, as well as a question and answer session for the youth in the evenings. Friday and Monday each had a single service. Youth from 28 different churches and 4 separate countries were in attendance.

I had the privilege of sharing these special meetings with Brother Gideon Yeboah from the eastern United States. He would go on to spend another week in Uganda while I flew on to Ethiopia for the week following the convention.

Saturday afternoon, the Lord had moved on the heart of Sister Harriot, who made a stand for the Lord. We baptized her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that day! Then, Sunday morning, three more youth wanted to make the same stand. The ministry advised them that we would wait until after the evening service to baptize them, in which service the Lord had laid on my heart to speak from Genesis 24:57. The premise of the service was that his end-time Message requires a clear-cut decision. We have heard the voice, “Come out of her my people; will you stand for him?” After this service, another four youth came forward wanting to give their hearts to the Lord.

But the Lord was not finished moving that day! While we were at the pool, two brothers came forward to repent; desiring also to give their hearts to God, and to be baptized as well! God was gracious to add ten souls to his kingdom in just two days of the convention.

These two brothers, along with two separate sisters, have similar testimonies. Both sets of siblings only have one believing parent, while the other is strongly against the manifested Word for our day. The saints in their churches and their believing parent had been praying for years for their salvation, and this was their victory day!



15 Now, Paul said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou and thy house shall be saved.” 16 Well, now, if believing on the Lord Jesus Christ…That don’t mean that his salvation would save the house. But if he’s got enough faith in God for his own salvation, he can have the same faith for his house. And his house will have to come in, see, the same thing.

61-0813 – Faith - W.M. Branham


You will notice many of the young girls have cut hair; however, this is not due to a choice of theirs. Most of the schools in Uganda require girls to cut their hair for sanitation reasons. Please pray for these young sisters as they desire to grow their hair long, as the scriptures command in 1 Corinthians 11.

After the closing service on Monday, in Kampala, the ministry was able to distribute fifty MP3 players to the youth with the entire message downloaded onto them. All of them promised to share with the other youth in their churches, to help strengthen one another in the Word! After the close of the meetings in Uganda, I flew the following day, December 31st, to be with the budding church in Ethiopia. The church in Addis Ababa had grown since my previous visit in 2016, from just a handful of believers to around forty! Included in that number, is a small group of young, faithful brothers who have been diligent in studying the gospel! Each are able to read English and have received a Message library that includes all the Messages from 1962-1965!

These are the brothers that are moving the Message forward in Ethiopia. They are working and witnessing tirelessly to spread the evening light throughout their vast country.

While in Ethiopia, I was able to speak to the believers in Addis Ababa; on both the Wednesday and Sunday services. While visiting the homes of Brother Moges and also Brother Gilmy, I was able to speak, minister, and worship with them in the simplicity of the Gospel.

As much as the church has grown and flourished under the light of the hour, they certainly need your prayers and support. There is much translation work to be done; as there is two official languages in the country. Proper transportation is expensive and difficult to get; as it is a large country with believers being many miles apart. All of these believers need more spiritual food and encouragement from the established ministry in the country.

My hope is that these few testimonies and needs would stir up your heart to pray for the people of Uganda and Ethiopia. Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest. (Matthew 9:37-38)

Brother Andrew J. Dodd Minister, ETMT

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